Don’t Miss Out on Parts of Life by Rushing Things

As humans we are made to be impatient. We want things when we want them, and there isn’t much anyone can stay to stop us once our mind is made up.

I know I am guilty of doing just that.

We get these ideas in our heads of how life is supposed to be and we set out to make it that way.

For some young women getting married and having babies is what they want as soon as they turn 18. Some want to pack up and head off to college because grad school is calling their name.

Neither group can get to where they are going fast enough.

The result is usually missing a very important part of life.

Whether you’re rushing through college to get to that “next step” or rushing your marriage by trying to procreate immediately, you should stop and look around at where you are.

Sure college is stressful and you’re probably broke, but there has to be something memorable to do with your time instead of let it pass by in a flash. There will always be a better “place” in the foreseeable future, but don’t wish your time away trying to get there.

If you’re the newlywed couple ready to complete your family, take a minute and think about where you are in life right now as well. Enjoy your newlywed years(or months). Take trips. Save up money. Enjoy your sleep. Dance in the kitchen at 3a.m.

Sure having a bouncing bundle of joy will change your life and be a wonderful experience, but so is this “in between” time with your partner. Don’t give it up so hastily.

Are we all so ready for the “next step” that we are giving up other important ones or overlooking them?

Life is about experiences and savoring each moment. You might not be where someone else is, and that’s okay.

The school systems puts us into grades with planned events for each age, and we get used to working hard to be where we are “expected” to be.

I feel like a lot of us carry those expectations on with us into life. We try to make sure our life is “right on track” to the “grade” level of life we think we are supposed to be at.

We all need to throw out those expectations and “grade” levels and just enjoy where we are.

I’m not saying don’t have goals, or don’t work hard in college. I’m just saying enjoy the moments that you have while you work for that next level.

Don’t rush your life trying to make it to where you think you should be or where someone else is.

It’s okay to have a plan and know where you are going, but it’s also okay to take a pit stop and check out the scenery on your way.

Life’s all about the moments so don’t lose one moment by rushing to get to the next one.


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